30+ Years of Trusted, Affordable Towing in Butner & Franklinton, NC

No matter where you are in Butner, and the local area, you’ll always access our expert team and a high-quality fleet when you call on us. With decades of ties to the community, we strive to provide the personalized, prompt, and courteous service you deserve from the people who handle your vehicle.

We use high-quality equipment with state-of-the-art tow trucks that operate on a 24/7 availability schedule. No matter the time of day or year, trust your prized possession with us. We’ll get you back on the road faster than the rest.

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Throughout our state's capital, you can call on one towing service above the rest. Get your free roadside quote today.

Call 24/7 For Fast, Efficient Towing Near Butner, Durham, and More!


Service Areas

Butner, Creedmoor, Oxford, Franklinton, Youngsville, Wake Forest, and all surrounding counties.